The opening event of the International Music Showcase Festival 2022.

Opening the event will be LIRAZ (Liraz Charhi), a modern-traditional combination of Israeli music and a retro-Persian sound.

She just released a new album, invoking a lot of curiosity in Europe and Asia.

Next up is Mark Eliyahu- with ancient Asian instruments, Kamancha and Baglama, in an innovative production with futuristic electronics.

And here we break the oriental\Asian course when Borito will pop up with sweet distortion, candied, colorful sounds and a summery, freedom kind of vibe.

The rapper AGAT is next with alternative hip-hop. Last year’s festival pretty much went nuts for her, and this year she gets to perform again. AGAT combines electronic motifs, arousing beats, and discussing powerful topics. Heads up !

For a sweet and symbolic desert, we’ll close our evening with Lola Marsh- huge stars in Israel and Europe. We are so proud to have been there as a stepping-stone.

DJ Shira Fisch will conduct the music and beats, before, after, and in between concerts.

Tuesday 22.11 Evenings session 19:30
LIRAZ The Yellow Submarine
Mark Eliyahu The Yellow Submarine
Borito The Yellow Submarine
AGAT The Yellow Submarine
LOLA MARSH The Yellow Submarine
DJ Shira Fisch The Yellow Submarine

The second day of the IMSF drifts between the Old City and Talpiyot.

At noon we will gather at King David Tower Museum in the  Old City of Jerusalem – one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

The first concert will take place in a more intimate space of the museum, where we will unite Brazil and the Middle East with Marcelo Nami & Amir Weiss duo.

Brazilian music, jazz, rock, flamenco, and improvs. They are both virtuosi, moving musicians.

From there we move down to the lawn for two concerts – Amazonite Trio, a feminine trio creating original music for the soul, for nature, and the elements. They are truly unique.

The last concert in the tower will be by the Yaara Beeri Ensemble, with whom we will go through an exciting journey of multicultural instrumental music.

From there, we go for a short nap and then back to Yellow Submarine for an evening of five, especially booming, concerts. starting with an adventure led by VOICES OF YEMEN, Ravid Kahalani´s new super group. The mystical songs by the Jewish tribes of Yemen.

From here we will pick it up a notch with Sangit- layers of groove, percussion and harmonies inspired by Afro-Beat, jazz, and funk worlds.

Next up are TATRAN- a sharp, professional, and monstrous trio. Been missing them.

Before last is AVIYA- Aviya Kopelman with multi-genre compositions, from symphonies, through fusion, to pop. A surprising, glamorous concert – open mindedness is recommended!

For the finale, the beloved and talented Marina Maximilian will give us a classy, deluxe closing, as a diva does

For those refusing to go to sleep, we have a DJ Set waiting for us at the end.

Wednesday 23.11 Noon session 13:30
Free entrance
Marcelo Nami & Amir Weiss - Guitar Duo Tower of David
Amazonite Trio Tower of David
Yaara Beeri Ensemble Tower of David
Wednesday 23.11 Evenings session 19:30
VOICES OF YEMEN The Yellow Submarine
Sangit The Yellow Submarine
TATRAN The Yellow Submarine
AVIYA The Yellow Submarine
Marina Maximilian The Yellow Submarine

48 seconds on: Opening of the new Art Campus!

This year, for the first time ever, we are heading out to a pretty massive event in the city center – the new Art Campus at Menorah Complex in Jerusalem.  

Brand new schools were built in Gerard Behar square for the following establishments:

Nissan Nativ | School of Visual Theatre | Sam Spiegel | Center for Middle Eastern Classical Music

Bet Ha’am also got a serious renovation, and the whole Gerard Behar square as well.

We sat down, thought about it, and decided –  together with Jerusalem’s Young Adult Center – how do we join forces and plan a festive opening event for the new complex.

And so was built an inspiring evening of drifting around the schools’ spaces, the renovated Bet Ha’am and Gerard Behar square.

By and by we ended up with six stages (!), art installations, student’s graduate-works, a visual celebration, a huge concert in Bet Ha’am, an insane rooftop party, concerts of all kinds within the schools’ spaces and more and more – all of this is (almost!) admission free.

The only event which will cost just a bit is Tamir Greenberg’s concert in Bet Ha’am (we recommend purchasing in advance! )

Art Campus – Bezalel 11, Jerusalem

After events:

Shaman Shaman in HaMazkeka | 22:30 |  Paid Concert – click here for tickets

Metropolin in Nocturno | 23:00 | Free admission (right next to the Art Campus)

Thursday 24.11 Evenings session 18:45
Free entrance
Castle in Time Orchestra Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Tamir Grinberg - Paid Concert Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
The School of Visual Theater Performances Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Hoodna Orchestra Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Ouzo Bazooka Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
S H I R A N Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Nissan Nativ Performances Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
TAPASH Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Izabo Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Omri Smadar Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Yehezkel Raz Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Acid Moon And The Pregnant Sun Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
The Piyut Ensemble Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
DJ Gondi Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
DJ Mor Opfer Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
ECHO DJ set Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Shaman Shaman - Mazkeka - Paid Concert Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM
Metropolin - Nocturno - Free Entrance Arts Campus - Menora Venue JLM

Leaving the Holy City and heading down to Tel-Aviv!

This year we made a dramatic change in the festival’s setup, leaving us to spend three straight days in Tel-Aviv!

We don’t believe in a soft landing and so the first event met by our guests will be Capsule.

Generally, Capsule is an interdisciplinary art-event series, including food and drinks, carefully designed according to the concept chosen for that specific evening.

Specifically, this Capsule was designed especially for or IMSF, leaving few tickets for a broader audience. Each event gathers an array of short cultural spectacles (15 min max) of different genres and fields (dance, music, acrobatics, performance, theater, poetry and more). 

During the entire event the kitchen won’t stop serving dishes, either vegan, vegetarian or for carnivores ? and the bar won’t stop pouring and shaking – you tell us when to stop, it’s an all-inclusive ticket…

Leaving stuffed, tipsy, and gripped by new experiences, we are awaited by two different concert paths:

Friday Rock- In the new Ozen Bar with five great concerts.

First will be Masok. Neo-Soul is their definition, but it’s simply awesome music. Ice Hokku will be next, a fascinating Indie-Pop duo.

Next in line are Haze’evot, with their bloody, fiery and smokey, raging rock & roll.

Up next, we’ll be taking it down a notch with some groovy hip-hop by BALDA.

Closing the Ozen evening will be the colorful Riff Cohen – expected to be a blast!

The second path, happening at the same time as the first, is intended for jazz fans- Jazz Friday.

Three ensembles of an international aroma: Kicking off with the pianist Tom Oren’s trio, to be continued by QUEENTA ENSEMBLE’S new top female jazz musician super-group, and Tal Gamlieli trio to close a divine evening.

There are very few tickets for each event – better hurry!

Friday 25.11 Noon session 17:00
Capsula Capsula TLV
Friday 25.11 Evenings session 20:00
Tom Oren Trio Shablul TLV
Tal Gamlieli Trio Shablul TLV
Friday 25.11 Evenings session 20:30
Masok Ozen TLV
Ice Hokku Ozen TLV
Riff Cohen Ozen TLV

34 seconds on IMSF x Teder

Every year, we deem it important to show our international guests around Tel-Aviv.

Most of the action happens in TLV, there is a beach! She is lively and insane during weekends and is absolutely a fantastic city.

Over the past few years, we were hosted by the legendary Teder complex.

We must say that working with our friends there has always been super professional and done with great love. Hear hear!

Due to the changes made in the festival’s setup this year, we will wrap-up the concert-part of the festival On Saturday in the Teder. 

Of course, we went a bit overboard here as well, having: five concerts on the main stage, three in the Raffi, three in the Valanov and one in Kisa.

If the names don’t mean much to you – it’s all good, just come and we’ll  make sure to direct you to the right place at the right time.

A few days ago, we got in touch with Ellyott (Pollyanna Frank) , who will be in Israel for a few days and has agreed to DJ for us until we get thrown out.

Check out the concert list closely and remember,  everything fades, life is gorgeous and it’s all admission free

Saturday 26.11 Evenings session 18:00
Free entrance
Noya Sol Teder TLV
D Fine Us Teder TLV
Folly Tree Teder TLV
Shay TRA Litman Teder TLV
Karolina Teder TLV
Guy Mintus Teder TLV
Uzi Ramirez Teder TLV
Ofer Ganor Group Teder TLV
Ellyott Teder TLV
Katia Toobol Trio Teder TLV
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