Guy Mintus

Guy Mintus is an Israeli piano performer, composer, vocalist, and bandleader. He possesses the finesse of a trained concert pianist, the energy of a rockstar, and the exploring spirit of a jazz musician. His inspirations  exhibit a wide range of influences, from Turkish Makam to Stride piano to South-Indian rhythms. Be it in solo, trio, or orchestral formats, Guy is able to create a musical playground filled with joy, spontaneity, groove, and humor. Yet at the same time, he embarks on adventures which start at his original music and move on to surprising re-imaginations of music, such as Beethoven, Chopin, Gershwin or the Great Israeli Songbook. Officially endorsed by Yamaha Pianos, Guy is the winner of the prestigious Leonard Bernstein Award as well as the audience’s choice at the Montreux Jazz Festival’s piano competition.

Band Members
  • Piano / Vocals
    Guy Mintus
  • Double Bass
    Oren Hardy
  • Drums
    Yonatan Rosen
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