Aviya Kopelman is an ​award winning ​Israeli ​composer, internationally renowned for her multi-genre ​​works, from symphonic through fusion to pop, composing for multiple ensembles worldwide.

Amidst the pandemic, Avyia released “Minority”-  an indie pop-art pop album consisting of songs and instrumental works which were entirely written, composed, and produced by her. She then joined the vocalist Davidavi (Vidi) Dolev to be the voice of  “Minority” with new arrangements she made for a smaller ensemble.

Band Members
  • Piano
    Aviya Kopelman
  • Vocals
    Davidavi Dolev
  • Electric Drums
    Sharon Petrover
  • Violins
    Gilad Hildessheim
  • Violins
    Noam Yaffe
  • Viola
    Daniel Tanchelson
  • Cello
    Ori Ron
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