Katia Toobol Trio

Katia Toobool trio started to perform together as a trio a year ago after many performances as a rhythm section in various bigger ensembles The music of a trio is focusing in original compositions by Katia who is influenced by classical training background and with rich harmonies and groove that is found in Jazz music. The music is written especially for this trio and takes in consideration each player in their uniqueness and also gives them freedom and a space to explore. Thanks to this freedom the trio gets a chance to make each and every interpretation of a tune totally different and unique The great chemistry and communication between the musicians makes it possible to dive deeply in to the improvised music and invites the listener to take part in the musical adventure

Band Members
  • Piano
    Katia Toobool
  • Double Bass
    Yonatan Levi
  • Drums
    Ofri Nehemya
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