Omri Smadar

Omri Smadar fans instinctively knew that his introduction to live performance would be breathtaking. Until quite recently, Omri was famous for his mesmerizing DJ sets and psychedelic club productions. Today, he is establishing himself as a genre-bending, boundary-breaking, live performer.

Smadar’s background resides in Classical and Jazz compositions. As an experienced pianist, DJ and electronic producer, he creates a stunning and inspiring live show.

Joined by a four person band and a guest vocalists, Smadar’s performances are an eclectic mix of thumping 4:4 beats, afro-infused drums, soaring guitar riffs and unexpected vocals, taking the audience on an fantastic journey through the kaleidoscopic mind of the artist.

Band Members
  • Synthesizers, Keys, Vocals
    Omri Smadar
  • Drums, Samplers
    Ofer Bymel
  • Percussions, Didgeridoo
    Yogev Haruvi
  • Electric Guitar
    Guy Landau
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