The School of Visual Theater Performances

The School of Visual Theater Performances

The School of Visual Theater Performances


Holding Water \ Fadi Morad

Location: Visual Theatre School – lower auditorium

Time: 20:40 – 20:55

Why do I tell stories? Why does anything start and where does it end? What endures and what perishes? For whom am I creating? For you, the audience? For myself? For my young self? For the deceased? For the living?

Duration: 10-13 min

Time: 20:40 – 20:55

Featuring: Fadi Morad
Photo and Photo Design: Amit Mann
Light Design: Netanel Kafka

Acids – Avishag Gaya

Location:  Visual Theatre School – interior entrance hall

“She sees herself amongst many blurred, condemned people, none of them knowing what and who they are destitute of memory, of a past, of a present, and she is equally, eternally condemned, not knowing herself, left with a bitter taste”.

Following her first hospitalization, Yona Wallach wrote a draft for an autobiographical play, which she never published. Throughout this establishment’s passageway, I erode the texts into songs, and they, in turn, erode me. Accompanied by a musical adaptation outlining the play, I place on stage rusting bodies and metal axles. A space between the heavens and earth, detached from the ground, detached from my wings.

Featuring: Avishag Gaya, Lia Amit

Duration: 10 – 15 min

21:40 – 21:55



“The Third Thing”

Ore Cherbelis Hod

Location: Nissan Nativ, lower auditorium

Time: 20:40 – 21:00

People exit through doors

Through windows

People leave

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Instruction and guidance: Asaf  Elkalai & Eitan Buganim / participants: Oren Peled, Talya Dahan, Dorian Bramelli, Dana Pomerantz, Yuval Rubinstein, Kaya Vinci, Shahar Or, Ola Netta Levitsky / Behind the camera: Adi Gitai, Idan Maman, Maayan Levinger / Technical support: Yuval Steinberg, Eden Dolev / Sound: Sheila Rabin / Production: Mika Tsur

I thank cinema for faithfully  granting power to the smallest details. I thank Oren for teaching me about compassion and creating with me, I thank my grandmother who believes in me creating art. I thank my mother and father who have shown me hidden and distant corners of the world, wherein beauty and foulness integrate. I thank everyone I love, as well as those to which I am a stranger, passing me by on the street. I thank all the paths on which we can advance.

***The work contains nudity***

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