BALDA – an Israeli hip-hop duo that includes rapper the GOOSH DAN and the producer Itamar Levy.

At the beginning of February they released their first single – “SUGAR COME UP”, and in March the full album was released.

BALDA do hip-hop in English, combined with electronic beats and live music where session players are recorded live in the studio. One of the songs on the album (FTFY) is a live session that includes GOOSH DAN and the musicians on the exact same recording – a real record of the moment that happened in the room.

Band Members
  • Vocals
    Dan Bar Hida AKA GOOSH DAN
  • Vocals
    Katelyn Aligado
  • Guitar
    Itamar Levy
  • Bass
    Nimrod Levy
  • Keyboards
    Toki Stern
  • Drums
    Guli Stern
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