Capsula is about experience.
Capsula is about connecting, being together, expanding and evolving.
Capsula is about feeling.
Capsula is about being present and allowing art to make you change from the inside out.
Capsule is a unique site-specific platform for designing experiences.

Full Line-up:

Sharon Saguy – Artist / Flamenco Dancer featuring Ofir Atar, Yael Horwitz and Eti Guri

Dana Marcus – Choreographer, Dancer and Visionist Featuring Shmuel Halfon / Micha Amos

Jeniffer Cohen – Acrobatic Dancer, Hoop Artist and Choreographer

Inbar Livne – Experimental Opera Singer

Kama Kamila – Azerbaijan Singer and Witchcraft Artist

Fresco – Yoram Karmi Dance Company

Noam Helfer – Musical entrepreneur, dreamer, singer and producer

DJ: Ali Chive

About Capsula:

The brainchild of three art-enthusiasts from Tel Aviv (Yair Yona, Assa Bigger and Noam Helfer), it’s a platform to present art outside of its normal and common stages, where the audience is an integral part of the whole.

Each Capsula is a multi-disciplinary art event that includes food and drinks. It is common to find in one evening an interesting blend of theatre, music, dance, art exhibition, theater and acrobatic art. It works because it is being served in small dished, easily digested and make a huge total sum.

It’s fair to say that the common distinction between ‘artists’ and ‘audience’ is somewhat blurred.
Not in a sense that the audience takes the stage, but in a sense that the experience, from purchasing, serving, explaining, feeding, pouring and providing feedbacks to be learned from – puts the audience in the center.
In its four years of existence, Capsula has gained the status of ‘one of the most interesting art experiences in Tel Aviv’.

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