Masok is a four-person Neo-Soul band from Tel Aviv. During the last year, the band members – Jenny Penkin (vocals), Nomok (keyboards), Tal Kochavi (drums) and Omri Shani (bass) – worked together on their debut album “The Bigger The Risk”, which was released under Raw Tapes label (home to Buttering Trio, Elbiti, Sefi Sizzling, Yogi, more).

What started two years ago as beats in Nomok’s bedroom, evolved into a musical collaboration with Jenny, Kochavi, Omri and other label members such as Regjoyser, Amir Bressler and Yogev Glossman. From ballads including a drum machine and synth, to rhythmic songs with a vivid and passionate groove joined by vocals, Masok redefines the term “fun”, with their up and coming new album.

Band Members
  • Vocals
    Jenny Penkin
  • Keyboards
  • Drums
    Tal Kochavi
  • Bass
    Omari Shani
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