Hoodna Orchestra

The Hoodna Orchestra is a 10-member orchestra which explores the dark and mysterious edges of funk and groove. The Orchestra was established in 2012 in southern Tel Aviv by a group of musicians, functioning today as a collective, as well as a record label. The cultural and musical environment surrounding the group has a great effect on its creative process. Exposure to Ethiopian, Eritrean and Arabic musical traditions, alongside an ongoing study and exploration of different jazz styles, creates a unique blend which has made The Hoodna Orchestra one of the most appreciated and sought-after live shows in Israel.

Band Members
  • Tenor Saxophone
    Eylon Tushiner
  • Bariton Saxophone
    Elad Gellert
  • Trumpet
    Bar Ashkenazi
  • Keyboards
    Eitan Drabkin
  • Bass Guitar
    Nadav Bracha
  • Electric Guitar
    Ilan Smilan
  • Drums
    Matan Assayag
  • Percussion
    Rani Birenbaum
  • Percussion
    Shahar Ber
  • Percussion
    Raz Eytan
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