Marco Valente
Jazz Engine
Italy Italy

Involved in music since 1997 in various positions, among others, web manager, journalist, label manager, producer, publisher.

Using a 14.4 modem and internet connection, he launched the first portal about the Italian jazz scene, followed by a dedicated on-line shop (

In 2001 he founded Auand Records with which he released about 180 albums of some of the most talented musicians of the scene, helping them to win Best Rising Star section of Top Jazz, the Italian critics’ poll, for 7 times. Through his career he managed several known Italian jazz musicians and took part in international projects. During the last 5 years he has been dealing with the international market and consulting Jazz festivals across Italy.

From 2018 to 2022 he has been president of the Association of the Italian Jazz Labels (
Marco is also representing his colleague’s company Bass Culture, producing many events and festivals in Italy such as Locus Festival, L’acqua In Testa, Pianostuni, Costa Dei Trulli, Carsica and more.

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