Selin Çelik
Selin Çelik Music Productions/ Windmills Jazz Festival/ Selin Çelik Records
Music Producer/ Promoter/ Cultural Collaborator/ Music Marketing Strategist
Turkey Turkey

Producer, cultural ambassador, festival founder, musician, mentor and a former marketing director, carrying 20 years experience. Çelik represents the melting point between two disciplines: Music and Marketing, having the ability to vitalize unique, extraordinary and innovative creations within the music and culture realms, focusing on intercultural dialogues.

She is considered to be a game-changer in the jazz and world music scenes, designing the Windmills Jazz Festival, which is a touring festival, which thematically focuses on intercultural collaboration.

Thanks to her marketing skills, Çelik is able to blend the core idea of the festival and cultural dialogues, through a unique and modern approach, later denoting her as “an honorary cultural ambassador of Turkey in Spain”, by the former Ambassador of Turkey (2020).

She continues creating intercultural projects for embassies, institutions and festivals; mentoring musicians in order to introduce them to new territories; and producing intercultural albums featuring renowned musicians.
Selin Çelik Music Productions provides management & booking services exclusively for signed and acclaimed artists.

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