Anna-Marie Schluifelder

Anna-Marie Schluifelder
BERGSON art&culture
Head of Artistic Operations Office
Germany Germany

BERGSON Kunstkraftwerk is a brand new venue located in western Munich, named after philosopher and Nobel laureate Henri Bergson. The BERGSON will open its doors in October 2023. The team is working vigorously to create this new hotspot for culture, arts and events in Munich. The building itself is a closed down heating plant that was bought by private investors over 15 years ago, to be repurposed as a high quality venue that would bring together arts, music, events, cuisine and stunning architecture. The BERGSON will be home to the largest gallery of visual arts in Germany and will have several rooms and spaces to present and create music in. 

Anna-Marie is Head of the Artistic Operations Office and part of the programming team. With a daily changing concert schedule, culture lovers of all ages can look forward to loads of music, extraordinary artists and new formats.

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